Right Tool

This past holiday season brought with it not only our new house, but I received some awesome kitchen implements. I’ve previously written about another culinary right tool for the job – which ended up being more of a miss ultimately. Hopefully these end up having more longevity.

The gift I got from DH2U was the result of my birthday dinner. We went to a Japanese barbecue house that also served bibimbap. I’d never had it before, and fell in love instantly. For those that don’t know, bibimbap is a Korean dish that is made in a stone bowl. The base is rice, which gets a wonderfully crispy crust. From there it a variety of different flavors – traditionally some meat, some veg, something pickled. Lots of different flavors.

I got two wonderful stone bowls.

bibimbap bowls

I dutifully seasoned them and then made a delicious meal with teriyaki chicken, some left over greens, quick pickled carrots, and mushroom and onions.

Bibimbap dishes


Without the bowls, it never would have tasted as yummy or had the right texture.

My second fabulous kitchen gift was from Ms. M. She knows me so well. She gave me a tagine.


For New Year’s Eve, I made DH2U and me a wonderful lamb stew to test out the new cookware. It was so tender and delicious. Even better than my beloved crockpot, in a shorter amount of time.

I realized as I was cleaning up after my stew that the tagine would be perfect to make my kabocha recipe. The problem with doing it in the crockpot, but I couldn’t get it out in one piece. The tagine is perfect since the base is shallow; I’ll be able to easily get along the sides of the Japanese pumpkin and maintain the beauty of the dish.

Did anyone else receive cool stuff for the holidays? or What is the most exotic food you made lately?