Magical Moment

A couple months after I arrived in England, I moved into the place where the Cathedral’s angel was visible from my window. I felt so blessed that my landlord (and flat mate) and his friends took me under their wings.

My very first night at the new place, they took me out dancing. Although I’d already taken my first dance class, I still felt very uncomfortable on the floor (To tell the truth, I still do if not performing choreography). I wasn’t going to turn down such a sweet gesture, though, so off I went. I was Adventure Girl after all!

As uncomfortable as I felt on the floor, it would have been so much worse being on the sidelines. I was out on the floor dancing with my new friends when I had a magical “This only happens in the movies” type of moment.

I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday. Buster Poindexter’s Hot, Hot, Hot” came on.  (Of course it was an 80’s song!)

Buster Poindexter Hot Hot Hot

I started doing the cha cha basic, the only move I could think of for that music. At least it made me feel more comfortable being out there since I had something to do.

All of a sudden there was a hand on my shoulder and I was quickly spun into the waiting arms of a very experienced dancer. He brought me through some very basic cha cha steps … and I could follow! He took me out for some spins, simple ones at first – testing my ability – and a little more complex, all the while with a very firm lead.

We danced three songs in a row together, and I wasn’t self conscious at all. It turns out he was from Mexico. I moved to England to briefly meet someone whose home country was 15 miles from my home town!

I definitely had a “I could have danced all night” feel when I got home. I was sure I’d never be able to sleep again after such a pleasant evening.

It never would have been possible without some wonderful people that I’ve managed to keep in touch with over the years.

Have you ever had your own movie moment? or Am I the only one that feels self-conscious on the dance floor?

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