Today is going to be a very different Thanksgiving Day for my family. My Dad, Barb, and Rebecca are on their way to a tropical adventure. Meanwhile, DH2U and I are so pleasedl to have been invited to join some friends and their extended family for a Thanksgiving brunch at a restaurant. I've never eaten at… Continue reading Gratitude

Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

In thinking back to my knee surgery, it really got me thinking of the importance of friendships. The things we will do for our friends: I've cleaned houses, brought over food to the sick, made ridiculously early or late airport runs, and ran errands as a social activity. I've never considered any of those occasions… Continue reading Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Surgery Remembered

Four years ago today, I underwent knee surgery to repair (okay, actually smooth out) a torn meniscus. Kurt was wonderful (but I promised not to tell anyone, so we'll add that to our list of secrets). He agreed to be my ride and sign a form saying he would stay with me until the anesthesia completely… Continue reading Surgery Remembered