Latest Adventure

I spent the weekend camping with Ms. M. We used to go camping every year, but we stopped about a decade ago. This trip was my Christmas present to her.

The trip was glorious. The weekend was unusual for us since it actually rained. Up in the mountains where we were, it was a constant mist. It reminded me a lot of Scotland. Ms. M and I agreed we probably would have canceled if we had planned to be in a tent. Fortunately, like my last camping adventure, we were in a primitive cabin. It had lights, heat, a bunk bed frame, and a table.

Cabin Blog Writing

Here is me writing this post! The bunk beds are right behind me.

It also had a fabulous view from its deck.

Cabin View

Can you see the mist? Mist really tries to hide from cameras.

When we first arrived, we got settled in and went for a walk. Water falling out of the sky would not stop us. Ms. M had her first (of what would be many) ever deer spotting. Her camera got quite the workout this weekend with all the animal spottings!

Cabin - Ms. M Deer Shot

Since the campground was quiet, they became a common and always welcome sight.

During our first walk, several big stinging raindrops hit me in the face. I was unamused. So when I saw big drops in the air, I would karate chop at them. It amused us both and kept my face from being pelted.

We were definitely surprised at the number of tent campers that braved the elements, which included 40 mile an hour wind gusts. That definitely was not our idea of fun, but that is exactly where there are both cabins and tent spots. Everybody’s needs could be met.

One thing we discovered this trip we can’t believe we never thought of before: Rather than bringing up ingredients, we brought homemade meals. Heating up took roughly five minutes, not including me remembering how to set up the camp stove. The food was delicious and clean up a breeze. How had we never thought of this before?!?!?

Cabin Eating

I am so glad we had this trip. Camping is a habit we are going to get back in to. What a delight! Plus we both agreed it wouldn’t have been the same without the fog. It didn’t dampen our spirits one bit.

Have you ever gone camping in inclement weather? or What activity did you used to do that you are thinking of resurrecting?

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