Keeping the House

Keeping the House

I was thinking back on my 1950's housewife post after listening to the audio book of Keeping the House by Ellen Baker. It is another of my chance stumble upons while browsing the library's collection. It is a story of a family throughout the 30 years they lived in a beautiful house in a small… Continue reading Keeping the House


Today is going to be a very different Thanksgiving Day for my family. My Dad, Barb, and Rebecca are on their way to a tropical adventure. Meanwhile, DH2U and I are so pleasedl to have been invited to join some friends and their extended family for a Thanksgiving brunch at a restaurant. I've never eaten at… Continue reading Gratitude


I spend every November handwriting personalized notes in my holiday cards. By doing a few a day, I am able to easily finish by the day after Thanksgiving, which is when I deliver the whole lot to the postal service. Not so surprisingly, the post office is pretty empty on Black Friday. Each year the… Continue reading Packaging

Favorite Holiday

This week marks my favorite Jewish holiday: Simchat Torah. For those who are not familiar with it, every year the Jewish community works its way through the five books of Moses according to a set schedule. To celebrate, a Torah scroll is completely unrolled around the inside of the sanctuary with the ends close together. As… Continue reading Favorite Holiday