Controversional Conversion Story

Notebook and pen

In one of my web surfing journeys, I discovered an article about a controversial school assignment that I wish I had been assigned back in the day. A school in Guernsey (a British island off the coast of France) asked its 12- and 13-year-old students to pretend that they had decided to convert to Islam… Continue reading Controversional Conversion Story

A Life of Jesus

In college I took a "History of World Religions" class taught by my favorite college professor (the one that gave me my superhero name). One day that quarter I was waiting for a friend in the Student Union, and I pulled out my required reading for that class: A Life of Jesus by Shusaku Endo.… Continue reading A Life of Jesus

Just What I Needed

I have just returned from my first vacation in six years. Circumstances (dance competitions, Grandmother’s funeral, getting hours cut to four days a week) prevented me from having that opportunity until now. This year I received a third week of vacation at the fifth anniversary with my company, which played a big role in my… Continue reading Just What I Needed