Big News!

It’s been so long since I posted. The longer I waited the harder it became to put words together. Okay, part of that is because I decided what I wanted to write about, but my first few attempts were boring even to me, and it was a major event in my life. DH2U and I got married!


I wrote a full post about the wedding  and the honeymoon, and it lacked sparkle. It felt like reading a grocery list. Our special day and the trip deserved better, so I kept not writing.

Obviously I got over it, since you are reading this. I remembered that just two blog posts ago I talked about not trying to force my writing. That post ended with “The moral I learned from all of this was pushing my writing in a direction it doesn’t want to go is a waste of my time and annoys the characters. Now if I can only remember it for the next time!” That didn’t last long!

What was most important for me to get across about the wedding was how overwhelming it was at the end of the ceremony when we turned around for the recessional. Before that point, I hadn’t had a vantage point where I could see everyone at once. It was a sea of family and friends: Everyone there had provided us support over the years. It hadn’t hit me until that moment how much love was in the room. That is what I remember most from that day. What a great lasting memory.

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