Looking to 2017

I had not been awake at midnight to welcome in the new year in ages, but that was my goal for New Year’s Eve. I saw a meme last week that talked about staying up to see 2016 die, and it sounded like a wonderful idea. And it was a wonderful idea – but I didn’t make it.

DH2U and I watched the fabulous 1970s classic sci-fi film Zardoz, and I could barely keep my eyes open despite loving the campiness of film.


2016 was tumultuous. Personally, if it hadn’t been for the loss of Carmen, it would have been one of my best years ever.

  • I have a job I love where my contribution is appreciated.
  • DH2U and I bought a house!
  • I finally lot the weight (and have kept it off – give or take a couple of pounds – for six months)

Weight Chart

But 2016 was a jerk – it took too many celebrities and crazy, scary things happened worldwide.

So what do I want from 2017? For the things in my control, continue to be active and reading. The measures of those goals stay the same every year – 26 books and 10,000 steps/day. I want to finish a novel, my rag rug, and try my hand at hard cheese making. Most importantly, I want to continue to explore new opportunities that come my way – or that I make for myself.

I hope the new year is treating everyone well so far. Keep it up, 2017, you are out to a good start.