Fall Has Arrived

My favorite season has always been Fall. There is something about things getting cooler and leaves changing colors. Yes, as a matter of fact, some leaves do change color in Southern California as well.


Although the weather is only flirting with Fall, the sun’s path is definitely in line with the season. Ever since I moved to reduce my commute, I’ve been walking to work every Friday. It’s three miles, and a lovely way of starting and ending my work day. I live for that time to think, listen to podcasts or Pandora, or catch up with friends on the phone. With the sun waking up ever later, I only have a week or two left before I put the pleasant routine on hold for the winter.

I’m not that big into the big trend in fall: pumpkin spice. I do enjoy the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake mix, but for me it is more about the apples, the root veggies, and seasonal teas by Celestial Seasonings. The Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea is as fabulous as it sounds.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride

Last week I finally did my wardrobe switch – sorry for the heat wave everyone. This year was more exciting than normal. My weight loss meant that I could wear some of the clothes I love and refused to get rid of just because they didn’t fit. That number has reduced drastically over the last few years done to three gorgeous sweaters and a fabulous (and expensive) pair of pants, which have been my favorites ever since I got them.

After 13 years, it is time to replace the winter coat I bought in England. To be honest, it was time before, but I never found anything I liked. Hopefully this year the perfect long jacket/coat with a hood will magically appear before me. Keep your fingers crossed.

What is your favorite season? Or Fall versus Autumn: What was the season called where you grew up?