First Race

Yesterday was my first ever 5k using my newly acquired race walking technique.

Race Bib

I had a time goal in mind, based on my training speeds: I wanted to finish the 3.1 miles in 40 minutes.

There were separate start times for runners and walkers. I registered for the walking group because I was walking. This was a time when my literal thinking provided me with a huge mental bonus.

The walkers started five minutes after the last of the runners got through the starting line. I’d forgotten my spiffy watch with splits, but my new phone has a stopwatch feature which was good enough. I was smart to be towards the front of the walkers. Once the air horn went off, I was out of there and left the pack behind.

DH2U came with me for moral support. As I made a turn near the one mile marker, I heard cheering. I looked up and it was him. It really lifted my spirits and kept me going. It was hard work being so far ahead of the pack to keep up the motivation, and that really helped. Fortunately, shortly after the first mile marker, I started passing the last of the “runner” group, so there were people around and I could keep my focus on passing the next person ahead of me.

In all I passed thirteen people in the running group. That really made my day, especially since they had the head start. Next time I’ll sign up for the run and simply start further back in the pack.

Race Walking Happy Shot

My time was better than my goal. I came in at 39:15, which averages 12:40 a mile. Right after the clinic in January, I was averaging 16:00 minute miles. What an improvement in just a few months!

This past week I was thinking of all the things from the clinic that I hadn’t been consistently implementing. I knew then would not be the time to try them out, so I have not so patiently waited until after the race to even write up the training plan. I’m so excited to start putting a lot more focus on the technique and not simply the cardio aspect.

I love this sport!

When was the last time you met a personal goal? or Am I the only one out there that squeals in joy when having a great use for an “all purpose planning pad”?

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