Out to get me

Call me paranoid, but it seems to me that the locks/door knobs related to my condo are out to get me.

My first nemesis.

Front Door Handle

Over the course of several weeks my front door decided not to us in. The locking mechanism and the handle are separate parts of the unit. The door was clearly unlocked, but depressing the handle didn’t open the door. For a while, shaking it worked. Then it took shaking it and cursing. It progressed to shaking it, cursing, and kicking the door. Finally I found myself sitting down out in the hallway because I couldn’t get in through my unlocked door.

That was my “had enough” moment. I somehow coaxed the door open. Then the drill came out. I had the inside and outside door handles off when DH2U came home. I didn’t really have a plan other than taking everything apart and hoping I could get it back together again … and that it would work. I was about to dismantle the locking mechanism when DH2U stepped in.

We knew the problem was in the handle. He was able to figure out what needed to happen to get the handle to release the latch. Even better, he was able to fix it! Obviously he would not have failed a test in mechanical ability. Our door now opens easier than it ever has – and only when it is supposed to.

The second lock that didn’t like me was my mailbox. My key broke off in the lock.

Broken Key

Fortunately, it broke off straight and not twisted. I could still insert what was left of my key into the lock, twist it, and the box would open. It made me happy to know that it didn’t need to be fixed right away.

DH2U bought a new lock for me during a Home Depot run. I proudly brought the lock and my drill down to the mailbox. I opened my box only to see that it was held on by a nut, not a screw. Back up I went for a pair of pliers. DH2U explained how the locking mechanism would attach, since there were no directions. Down at the mailbox, I was glad that I’d brought my phone to photograph my success, because the kit pieces didn’t work and I had to call in for reinforcements.

Mail Lock Installation

Obviously those are not my hands making installing it. DH2U can figure stuff out. He had to bend part of it to size. I’m so grateful for his skill in knowing what needs to be done.

What was the last inanimate object that was out to get you? or What was your last DIY fail?

4 thoughts on “Out to get me”

  1. Well, you make me laugh on a couple levels here, Tammy. One – that you think inanimate objects conspire against you. I do the same. In fact I just posted on facebook about feeling that appliances here in Germany were mocking and punishing me (this really should be more of a concern than my issues with the cycles of washing machines) and two- that the hairy arms attached to the fixing hands weren’t yours. Good you pointed that out. Happy New Year my San Diego friend!


    1. I’m so glad I could make you laugh.

      I also would have been stumped by the German washing machine. Then again I was stumped by the British ones as well until I was taught how to use them. I’m definitely not a natural when it comes to that.


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