Cake and Ice Cream

A few years ago when my mom saw the pictures from my 40th birthday party, the first thing she said was, “The cake has frosting. You don’t like frosting!”

Tammy showing her birthday joy during "Happy Birthday to you"
Can you tell I love birthdayys?

And my mother would know about my frosting aversion. She used to make my birthday cake for me each year and only frost half of it, that way I could have some without the icky stuff and my guests could have a properly decorated cake.

Over the years I have found two frostings I will eat: cream cheese and German Chocolate (which is what was on the cake in question).

My food oddities have affected me at birthday parties my whole life. Not only did I become very good at eating the cake out from around the frosting (a skill my nephews appreciated because they got to eat my leftovers), but I have also always been the one that didn’t want ice cream on their cake plate. Melted ice cream is disgusting – always has been, always will be. The already frazzled moms at friends’ birthday parties tried to make it okay to have the two share space by telling me it was like a milkshake. The look of pure horror that crossed my face told them that approach wasn’t going to work. By the time I was six I had learned to simply ask for only cake. It made life simpler.

Many years ago a first date brought me to Cold Stone. I’d never been, and the idea sounded great – creating my own ice cream flavor. I looked through all the different add ins and came up with what I wanted. The server then pulled out a hunk of spoon-bendably hard ice cream – only Tammy-acceptable texture for this frozen dessert. I was so excited! He then proceeded to knead all the ingredients into the previously perfect ice cream. By the time he was done, it was a gooey, melty mess.

I know I didn’t disguise my displeasure well. I could only force down a couple mouthfuls before simply pushing it aside. There was no second date. Coincidence? Probably not.

Where do you stand on ice cream: rock hard or melting? or Is anyone else anti-frosting?

2 thoughts on “Cake and Ice Cream”

  1. I have that coveted skill (by those who want to eat my frosting) of being able to eat around and under it too. Or use my fork to slice it off and set it to the side. I SO get your aversion to it. I enjoy no frosting or a light dusting of powdered sugar. And I do like ice cream but yes – not with my cake. I like it soft though because I can’t stand to bite into it (sensitive teeth). But I rarely have ice cream. I just don’t think of buying it. Happy birthday again! I love the picture of you here – and am thinking – “I want what she’s having!”


    1. We really are sisters!

      Powdered sugar sounds wonderful. I haven’t done that before. What I have done is put chocolate chips on top of a cake fresh out of the oven. It melts, but then it solidifies again – creating a cake plus a piece of chocolate to eat at the end.


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