Food Confessional

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat in the confessional to reveal a not-so-deep, not-so-hidden secret to my readers. This time it is about food.

As you know, I love cooking from scratch. I’m always so tickled to find out how to make items I never knew could be created at home, things like yogurt and bran flakes.

Homemade Bran Flake

But there are times when highly processed food-like products scream my name and beg to be eaten. My current favorite guilty pleasure food? Instant mashed potatoes.

Mashed Potatoes

The allure of these flakes is than simply their shelf life, which speaks to my prepping nature. Part of it is convenience, but it is also the texture. They aren’t the evil gritty masses that sit in a tv dinner compartment, at least not if cooked properly. The texture is satisfying – thick, not overly creamy, and oh so potato-y.

Being very me, I have started adding potato flakes in my cooking of healthier food. I love making mashed cauliflower and adding a hint of potato flakes to give it more body and taste. This is of course in addition to having them prepared according to the box directions.

The crazy thing is that it isn’t a nostalgia thing. I have numerous memories of helping to peel and mashed potatoes growing up. I even remember calling Ma from college asking how much milk to add. “Enough” was the answer. Not helpful in the way I wanted it, but it did lead to me trusting my eye and taste buds.

What is your favorite convenience food? or Did anyone else ever call home to ask how to make a family dish?

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