Should Know Better

Right after I wrote the blog post about my awesome new pedometer, it quit tracking my marching-in-place steps. It started to behave again when I threatened to return it.

FitBit Clip
The visible clip of my FitBit Zip has become a staple of my wardrobe!

After I wrote about having walked 500 miles (there goes the Proclaimers song in my head again) since getting my FitBit Zip, things started going wonky. Although I was consistently walking five miles a day, a week and a half after my milestone I received word that I’d reached 750 miles. I’m no mathematician, but 5 x 10 ≠ 250 . Check my math there, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

I submitted a support ticket, and the customer service person offered to have me return my FitBit. I explained it all again – this time with some all caps sections – that the unit was working properly, but their website was acting up. He then responded that it was a known issue and would be resolved. No time frame was given.

I was randomly chosen to give feedback on my customer service experience. I told them that despite the fact that my case had been closed, there had been no resolution.The problem still existed. Not having a solution does not mean the problem was solved.

When I logged in a week later, the whole website was revamped. A lot of it was change for change’s sake, but fortunately the counter was back to showing a realistic number for my mileage. I’ll take it!

A superstitious person might be afraid to say good things about a product after that, thinking it would immediately start to go  haywire. Look at me being a rebel! The whole reason for this absurdly long recap of my FitBit experience is that I have found a new favorite thing.

Flavor Infuser

It is a water flavor infuser. Inside the basket in the water bottle goes fruit or herbs or anything else desired to flavor the water. I love it!

I’m hoping I’m not jinxing things by praising it. I think I’m safe this time because it broke the day after I bought it. The lid has a very poor design, and the screw that keeps it in place doesn’t hook into anything and pops out easily. Would a nut and bolt have been prohibitively expensive?!?!

Flavor Infuser Screw

DH2U was able to figure out how to put it all back together for me. Now so long as I keep squeezing the screw back into place before it completely liberates itself, I’m golden.

The strange thing about my fabulous sippy cup is that I’m normally a room temperature water kind of gal. With all this flavoring action going on, however, I want my water cold.

I do love this cup and have used it every day for almost two months now. Would I recommend it to others? Only if constantly having to press in the screw wouldn’t annoy you.

Can you tell this was not a sponsored post for either product? or Drinking water: room temperature or from the fridge?

2 thoughts on “Should Know Better”

  1. I still haven’t purchased a fitbit – wrist or hip. Was just thinking of it the other day and really need to get on it. Thanks for the kick in the pants with this post – although I know you didn’t intend it as such.


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