Table Settings

Woman's Day

This time of year has my women's magazines' pages filled with decorating tips for the holidays. In the latest issue, there was a four-page spread about setting the holiday table. It included different types of place card holders and centerpieces. Really? Do people actually do this? Admittedly we always decorated for Christmas as I was… Continue reading Table Settings


I was a little girl during the 1970s, the age of Women's Liberation. I remember the feminist anthems being played on the radio, although I was too young to understand their context and often their lyrics. One day I was playing at a friend's house and singing along to "I am Woman" on the radio:… Continue reading Invisible

Everyday is Halloween

This past weekend I did the changeover of my wardrobes - goodbye boring summer wardrobe, hello exciting winter clothes! It’s like the holidays for me twice a year: I’d forgotten so many of the clothes kept in those Space Bags under the bed! Wow! It’s like a shopping spree without the price tag!    … Continue reading Everyday is Halloween