Table Settings

This time of year has my women’s magazines’ pages filled with decorating tips for the holidays.

Woman's Day

In the latest issue, there was a four-page spread about setting the holiday table. It included different types of place card holders and centerpieces. Really? Do people actually do this?

Admittedly we always decorated for Christmas as I was growing up – Barbara still does and loves it. I don’t remember, though, any effort going into centerpieces or place settings.

Right after college I was at a friend’s aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, and the aunt was freaking out because we didn’t ensure that each table’s silverware all matched. It never dawned on me to notice, much less care. My friend also was unaware that this was a thing.

Now that I have my awesome table worthy of being a grown up, on the few times I’ve entertained I have served food on my china, but cleaning my silver service is such a pain in the butt, I never do it.

Ever since that eye-opening Thanksgiving, I have at least noticed silverware. I now try to make it so not a single piece matches within a place settings, and if I can manage it, with any of the other pieces on the table. Look at me being a rebel.

Once we buy our house and are moved in, maybe I will see if the salt and aluminium foil trick to get rid of tarnish actually works. Until then, I will simply be grateful I have the utensils that I need.

(My Southern Grandmas are rolling in their graves right now. Sorry!)

Did anyone grow up with elaborate table settings for the holidays or do them now yourself? or Am I the only one who doesn’t care what silverware is used?