Communist Plot

The Day After

I was a teenager in the 80s – as numerous pictures of me with cockatiel bangs can attest. That was during Reagan’s military buildup, “the bear” ad, and his “tear down this wall” speech. Somehow, however, I never felt that the communist threat was real. I was living in a first strike city (and have… Continue reading Communist Plot

Celebrity Sighting

Richard Simmons

Years ago I was travelling heaven knows where, when I had my first celebrity sighting. Richard Simmons walked through my terminal. He was not in incognito mode: He was wearing Dolphin shorts, a matching tank top and sweatband as part of promoting his new-at-the-time "Deal a Meal" program. I have loved Richard Simmons since his television exercise show… Continue reading Celebrity Sighting

Shared Birthdays

Mr. Darcy Lake Statue

Twice in my life I've been friends with women who share my birthday (the day, not the year) - and no, that was not a criteria for our friendship! The first was a delightful woman I met right after college. Like me, she'd moved to a strange city to be close to her fiance. With… Continue reading Shared Birthdays