In my final years of high school, a good friend of mine and I would take a stress relief break right before our final exams. She had access to her brother’s car, so she would pick me up, and we would go to our first stop: Wendy’s. Wendy’s Frostys were a required part of our ritual.

Wendy's Frostee

I have never liked flavored milk. I went to kindergarten at a time when all students were given a carton of milk each day. Our class order was always 24 chocolate milks and 1 plain. Some people felt sorry for me, thinking I had a medical condition that prevented me from partaking in the chocolate stuff. Nope, I was glad not to have to drink that horrible substance.

The reason for this long tirade is because my dislike of flavored milk is why I can’t stand melted ice cream or milk shakes. Frostys, on the other hand are so thick you need a spoon. This is a Tammy kind of food. Now back to the story.

With our gloriously thick Frostys in hand, we would then head to our local elementary school. In those days, the play grounds were open to the public but seldom used. My friend and I would enjoy the solitude, sit on the swings, and eat our Frostys. There is something about the juxtaposition of us taking off like independent people and going to play on the swings that seems to personify adolescence perfectly.

It was wonderful. Sitting on the swings, rocking, talking about anything but the school work we were taking a break from. Those moments of relaxation before all the stress began helped us gain focus, take more in, and do our best.

I love those memories. The feeling of air in my face, with my long hair trailing out behind me as I swung higher and higher. That childhood joy has never lost its ability to put a smile on my face. There’s also something about have a heart to heart talk while doing the gentle swaying on the swings that can still take me back to being 16.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, dear friend.

What were some of your high school traditions? or When was the last time you played on swings?

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