Celebrity Sighting

Years ago I was travelling heaven knows where, when I had my first celebrity sighting. Richard Simmons walked through my terminal.

Richard Simmons

He was not in incognito mode: He was wearing Dolphin shorts, a matching tank top and sweatband as part of promoting his new-at-the-time “Deal a Meal” program.

I have loved Richard Simmons since his television exercise show in the 1970s. I have memories of working out with him in my Grandma’s living room as a young girl. I have also done my fair share of Sweatin’ to the Oldies.

Sweatin to the Oldies

To this day I remember that “Rescue Me” was the soundtrack for the ab routine.

So, here was this man who I adored walking through the airport, yelling “Hi!” to each group of people that he passed. It took all of my courage to walk up to him. What do you say to a person that you feel you know but who doesn’t know you from Adam?  I’m not sure if I verbalized, “May I have a hug?” or if I just stuck my arms out to the side, but either way, he opened his arms and gave me a wonderful hug. It is still in my top five best hugs of all time!

I was so giddy I could barely sit still as I waited for my flight to be called.

I now proudly follow Richard Simmons on Facebook and Twitter. I love his funny and inspirational posts. Yes, I am fangirl.

Have you ever met and/or hugged a celebrity? Or Am I the only one that feels tongue-tied going up to people I don’t know, famous or not?

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