Shared Birthdays

Twice in my life I’ve been friends with women who share my birthday (the day, not the year) – and no, that was not a criteria for our friendship!

The first was a delightful woman I met right after college. Like me, she’d moved to a strange city to be close to her fiance. With such similar life experiences, we hit it off quickly. It was wonderful to have someone to share the loneliness of being so far away from home and our previous lives. Neither of us earned much, so inexpensive and free activities were our backdrops. We were in each other’s weddings, which were one day apart.

The second sharer of my birthday was in England. I met her in my Psychology Skills and Theory class. We often were paired together, and soon we found ourselves spending time together outside the classroom as well. She is the woman who accompanied me to the dairy farm. She and I would go on long walks in the British countryside. She taught me that whenever we ran into stinging nettles (and boy does their name not exaggerate) there would always be a plant nearby that took away the sting.

It was with her that I watched Pride and Prejudice for the first (and only) time; it was the version with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy emerging dripping from the lake. We might have watched that scene several times. Oh wait, there was more to the mini-series than that?

Mr. Darcy Lake Statue

I love, love, love that they made a statue of that moment!

With both of these women, I gradually lost touch over the years. I hope they are both doing well and have a wonderful birthday today.

Have you ever known anyone with your same birthday? or How could anyone top Colin Firth’s lake scene?

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