Latest Exercise Adventure

My search for an exercise program that is challenging and doesn’t hurt my knee … or aggravate my elbow tendinitis … or bore the daylights out of me continues.

My latest attempt: Pilates.

Pilates Reformer

As probably doesn’t surprise anyone, I fully researched Pilates studios before I took my first tentative steps. I read the reviews, and I found a perfect-for-me-on-paper place.

I started out with a private lesson with an instructor who was a former dancer. She trusted that I had a certain level of body awareness (stop laughing, Kurt!), and we went through quite a workout. It didn’t feel like I was doing anything, but I was sweating like a pig!

Later I was joking with the instructor that whenever a move started to feel easier, I knew I was doing it wrong.

Pilates reminded me so much of dance – not only because many of the moves are based on ballet, but more because there are fifty million things that have to be done simultaneously, and as soon as one dropped, it started an avalanche of technique falling by the wayside.

The problem with this studio is that it was expensive, and there were some highly annoying features that others seemed to enjoy but made me want to gag – like a group jump and clap your neighbors’ hands at the end of each session. Barf! That, the cost, and some of the instructors deciding they knew my injury better than I did were three strikes against them.

I found a studio near my house that was one third the cost. I was so excited … until I went. It definitely turned out to be a case of you get what you pay for.

I had my daily deal and took full advantage of it … for the first two weeks of my month trial: By then I’d already become bored with the dismal room with no mirrors, the bad music, and the complete lack of technique being taught by the instructors, which could so easily have turned into an injury.

What this experience has taught me is that I really like the idea of taking a fitness class, but the no side stepping restriction really limits my options.

So I’m on the lookout for deals with other studios. I’m more than willing to bounce around and try new things.

Have you found your workout home? or Does anyone want touchy feely parts to a workout class, especially when everyone is dripping in sweat?

2 thoughts on “Latest Exercise Adventure”

  1. I hear you on workouts being boring. I lift weights and I can tell you that moving around heavy objects isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world. But I do it though just so I can maintain good shape. Currently, I have to find a new home to do it in. Since I moved to Houston, I haven’t found a place to work out. I’m pretty particular about where I do it too so it might take a while to find somewhere.


    1. Good luck in your new town and in your quest to find a good gym/workout area. I also like working out at home. I just wish I could find a good cardio workout (at home, anywhere) that my knee will not veto.


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