If I Had a Million

Whenever the lotteries go crazy high, I buy my ticket and fantasize away about what I’d do with the money. Lately, there haven’t been any jackpots worth putting down my dollar for. Fortunately for my hyper-active mind, I found another thing to take its place: What if I had a million seconds? Stopwatch As I’ve mentioned, lately I’ve been so overwhelmed and too busy to breathe and too stressed to sleep properly, which doesn’t help me handle things well. Although my Plan A to a more peaceful life is the lottery – that’s a little sad, I know – I’ve started focusing on the much more likely scenario of having more time without all the funds at my disposal.

1,000,000 seconds = 1,667 minutes 1,667 minutes = 277 hours 277 hours/52 weeks in a year = 5 hours per week

The idea of having five disposable hours a week has a dream-like quality to me now. Unlike before when I had time on my hands and nothing to do with it, I decided to create a wishlist of things I’d do with it should that situation arise again.

  1. There is a cool drawing class that happens once a month called Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. It’s not really a class so much as a chance to have fun and get more comfortable in our skills. I’ve been wanting to go to this for years.
  2. I would join a writer’s group. I’d love to try my hand at fiction, and knowing that I have an assignment “due” would keep me at it.
  3. I’d get a new set of limbs for my bow, and I’d take up archery again.
  4. I’d have a much cleaner house. I know this one doesn’t sound like it fits with the others, but I take such great pleasure out cleaning. To me it is a joy. I received a steamer for my birthday (because I asked for it!) and I’ve only had time to play with it once. I’d love to be able to regularly spend time with it.

While I consider napping to be the most decadent use of time, I did not include that on the list. I wanted them all to be activities, with the minimum requirement being consciousness! I know now is the point where I’m supposed to say that I’ll start incorporating this wishlist items into my daily life.  I won’t, though. The way things are now, the best I could do is a pathetic attempt which would be more depressing than not doing them at all. What this list does is let me see that there are things that still really excite me and makes me look forward to what the future will bring. What would you do if you had an extra five hours of free time a week? or Am I the only one that finds cleaning relaxing?

4 thoughts on “If I Had a Million”

  1. The minimum requirement being consciousness? I love it. Love that you most often make me laugh. If I had a million is a fun “if” to ponder – I’d use it to buy time – like paying for a house and car and a lot in savings so I had more time to write and travel. However – I’m intrigued with the “cool drawing class” link you have above – so am going to wander down toward that rabbit hole when I’m done right here. Thanks for the musing this morning, Tammy.


    1. Hi Barbara. You should check out the class link – http://drsketchysandiego.com/. It’s a bit on the risque side, which I love. Drawing burlesque-esque clad model seems like it would help me focus less on the self-imposed pressure of doing it right and more on the cool environment.


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