Learning Opportunity Lost

Writing about how my elementary school teachers used popular music as part of their lessons, reminded me of a lost learning opportunity. Back in the day, fourth grade was when Native American history was taught. Being in San Diego, the history was everywhere. As an adult I’ve been on several hikes in State and local… Continue reading Learning Opportunity Lost

College Nostalgia

Ever since I listened to the audio book of Zealot, I've been thinking a lot about my undergrad years. I've talked in the past about my intensity of purpose during those years, and about my history classes. My memories keep focusing around a World History class I took. As a history major, most of my… Continue reading College Nostalgia

A Life of Jesus

In college I took a "History of World Religions" class taught by my favorite college professor (the one that gave me my superhero name). One day that quarter I was waiting for a friend in the Student Union, and I pulled out my required reading for that class: A Life of Jesus by Shusaku Endo.… Continue reading A Life of Jesus

Remembrance Day

Twelve years ago today I was living in England and decided to take a study break do my weekly grocery trip. I was pushing my shopping trolley around Tescos when a voice came over the intercom announcing that all customers should stop shopping and observe the two minutes of silence to remember the members of their… Continue reading Remembrance Day