On a roll

My favorite meme lately has been a cat pun.

Cat on a roll

It definitely describes how I’ve been ever since the Mother Earth News fair. It’s all new skills, all the time, in our house.

My pressure cooker has been used more than any other pot we own since I’ve been back. We’ve had chicken several ways, a roast, and some corn from our garden. It’s been some delicious experimentation.

Also, I finally made sauerkraut without mold! The fabulous people from Ferment.works gave me the advice that worked: Put it in a jar, seal it up, once a day release the pressure by unscrewing the ring. A week later I had sauerkraut.


Of course I forgot to take after pictures, but here is the before. As you can see, I also fermented some carrots. I didn’t like the end results, but the method was solid. No mold, and they definitely fermented.

The biggest thing to report is that I finished my latest round of edits, and my novel is out to beta readers. My trip was the encouragement I needed to pull up my big girl pants, buckle down, and finish my first round of editing. I’m now gladly back to writing my second novel while I wait for feedback. Of course I keep thinking of things to add, so I’m making a list.

I can’t believe how much I’ve been able to accomplish in only a couple weeks. Hopefully I’m always able to take such great advantage of inspiration. It can be like drinking from a firehose, but worth every gulp.


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