Everyday is Halloween

This past weekend I did the changeover of my wardrobes – goodbye boring summer wardrobe, hello exciting winter clothes! It’s like the holidays for me twice a year: I’d forgotten so many of the clothes kept in those Space Bags under the bed! Wow! It’s like a shopping spree without the price tag!


Tammy's Winter Wardrobe in a pile of SpaceBags


As I was pulling out the clothes, I realized that so many of them came with a different persona. That was my “First Interview look” and “dancer in trainer look” and “old married lady flannel pajamas”. Each of these – and many others – were essentially costumes and roles that I would put on from time to time, much like the bag of Halloween costumes sitting next to them.I use this time of year to sort through my clothes, both wardrobes. I try everything on. My rule for keeping things is that they must fit and be flattering, otherwise they are out. Okay, it’s more of a guideline than a rule. There are a few pieces that I may or may not fit into by the next go round, and I keep them out of hope and nostalgia. They too were costumes – of a past me, of wonderful memories, of people I love that aren’t with us any more.

All of this was going through my head as I picked up the latest edition of Woman’s Day (one of my guilty pleasures). Guess what one of the stories was about? “Costume Change – Halloween isn’t the only time of year that calls for a little transformation.” Heather Lende describes how throughout her life she has slipped on different outfits that helped her become the person needed for the situation. It is incredibly well-written and worth the read. [Unfortunately since it is the latest episode, it’s not available on their website yet. I will update this post when it does.]

This is one of my favorite traditions – along with making pumpkin puree and writing Holiday cards. As the months of wearing the same clothes over and over again make them lose their shine, it’s amazing how a few months’ absence can restore them to their former glory. Instead of having the “I have nothing to wear” feeling I did just before I did the switch over last spring, I now slide open the closet doors looking forward to all the “new” clothes I get to choose from … and roles I get to play.

What outfits do you have that give you the courage to tackle certain situations? What traditions are you looking forward to this Fall?

6 thoughts on “Everyday is Halloween”

  1. You LIKE writing Christmas cards? I need an attitude adjustment. I love reading them – struggle with the writing them. I love fall – it’s my favorite time of year – love October the very best. Love the autumnal colors and the bright blue October skies. And yes – the changing of the guard with clothes. I’m with you on that. I’ll look for that article in Woman’s Day – a friend of mine and I switch magazines when we’re through – and she subscribes to that magazine so thanks for the heads up. Enjoy the season!


    1. I LOVE writing Christmas/Holiday cards!!! Love, love, love it! I start on the first of November and write a couple a day. Everyone gets a personalized message. I then mail them the day after Thanksgiving. That way when we get into the holiday craziness, it is all done.

      And thank you for understanding the changing of the guard with the clothes. Maybe it is a female thing. My male respondents (on Facebook & Twitter) have either mocked the process or not understood it!

      Enjoy the Woman’s Day article.



  2. I love the idea of everyday being Halloween, especially since it’s my favorite day of the year! Everyday could be my favorite day! Worried I don’t have enough costumes though – probably would call for a repeat from time-to-time. 🙂


    1. Halloween is so awesome! I’m so glad it is an adult holiday now! I think costumes would lose their charm if they were everyday attire. I don’t think my “smart” outfit – the sweatshirt I wore for my SATs and GRE and jeans – would work every day. Every now and then, though, I think we all need to draw on different parts of ourselves.

      This year’s costume isn’t as “creative” but I think it will be fun … at least this year I already know what I’m going to be! It involves a “bump it”!!!!!


  3. I don’t think I need a costume to tackle a situation particularly but certainly putting on a sharp suit to attend a business meeting is a bit like putting on your armour for a battle. You stand straighter and hold your head higher, the complete opposite to wearing your favourite worn in jeans and slightly torn jumper/ sweater. I don’t need it per se but it helps set the tone.

    I rather like autumn. There is an air of hibernation about it. A hunkering down for the winter to renew it all again in the spring. It can be a beautiful time of year visually too with all the browny/yellow autumnal colours and steaming hot, comforting drinks by a fireside…


    1. Pea,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      For me, the clothes can give the confidence – sort of like a grown up version of a security blanket. Dressing the part helps to assume it.

      I am a little envious that you live somewhere with seasons, and turning trees, and fireplaces! Enjoy this upcoming season’s glory.



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