Shouldering the Possibilities

Recently I met up with Kurt, and he reminded me of what is probably my all time best case of my brain operating differently than most.

Kurt and Tammy

It was back when we were dancing, and we were working on choreography for our jive routine (think REALLY fast swing dancing). At one point we ended up in a side-by-side position with both of us facing forward.

Me being me, I asked Kurt what I should do with my arms. They were always the most challenging part for me – talk about something not coming naturally! Kurt said I should put my arm that was trapped up against him on his shoulder.

I thought that sounded weird, but I was being agreeable that day, and I did what I was told. I wiggled my arm free and put it on his shoulder … across his chest. If I had been any taller, I would have had my elbow on his throat.

He looked at me with a weird expression. In retrospect, he was probably trying to figure out if I was making a joke. He then picked up my arm, ducked under it, and put my hand back on his shoulder. Looking in the mirror, I saw that my arm was now behind his back, and we were in a dance position that we were in all the time. Finally the light bulb went on. He held in the laughter until I said, “Oh! Now I get it!”

I couldn’t find a picture of us in that position, but this is for the most part what he had in mind.

Jive Step

That was at least seven years ago and we both remember it quite well and still laugh about it regularly.

Has your brain ever insisted on a version of “obvious” that is unique to you? or What is your favorite inside joke that you share with friends?

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