Me: Now and Then

In my collection of blog ideas, I have an article titled, “Why Your 20 Year Old Self says to STFU.” Hindsight let’s us be so critical of ourselves in our young and stupid phase. I still have traces of how scared and mixed up I was then. That version of me does deserve a break.

The strange thing is that what reminded me to leave my poor younger self alone was another meme.

When You Were a Little Girl

Would my younger self be proud of the me I have become? I think so. I’ve done some cool stuff that I hope would impress her. I also think she would like what I do for a living.

I am the administrator for a Customer Relationship Management database. Many eyes just went glassy. Let me try that again. I make sure that the computer program that holds our customer information allows us to access that info and pull the reports that we need to thrive as a company.

“Why on earth would a young girl care about that?!?!?” anyone still paying attention is probably thinking. When I was 12, my family got a Commodore 64.

Commodore 64

I loved that computer. One summer I taught myself how to build a DOS-based program on it. I changed font and background color. I even had a quiz. It gave a second change when a wrong answer was entered, and it totaled the score at the end.

I remember how much fun it was to make and how proud I was of my accomplishment. As I continued with that program, however, I hit a snag I couldn’t get past. It wasn’t like I could Google the problem, and at that point there weren’t programming books at my local library. I simply stopped.

In my job now, whenever I build a new formula field and it works, I have that same level of joy I did when programming my Commodore 64. At least now when things go horribly wrong, I have a user community that will answer questions with remarkable speed. Then I get that satisfied feeling that I can now do something that was impossible not too long ago.

What would your young self think of who you are today? or What was your first computer?

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