Joy of the New

Back in January, I saw the following tweet:

It made me stop and think.

At the time, I was really missing the joy of the new, where I get all swept up in a new activity and start to see everything through that lens … the complete throwing of myself at something without looking back. In the past, I have often identified with my passion: It  was how I thought of myself , whether that be grad student or ballroom dancer. The “what” became part of the “am”.

For me to feel like “me”, I need something in life to be excited about, to be constantly learning new things and making the impossible possible, which comes with mastering a new skill.

This process has taught me something important about myself.

I am best at picking up skills with an in-person instructor. I’d tried extensive tutorials and online classes. Nope. Never finished them. If it’s a quick, “how do I do such and such” tutorial, I’m all over it. Week after week, not so much.

Case in point: I bought Dreamweaver and a book with video tutorials last April. I got through the first three lessons, then it sat there in the corner … with my foam roller. Initially I thought my not pursuing it meant I wasn’t interested in it. In reality, it with the method not the material that didn’t interest me.

For more than a decade I have looked through every adult education catalog that came in the mail. There are some really cool things in there. That was my introduction to ballroom dance and belly dance and HTML and Quickbooks.

This spring’s catalog included a Dreamweaver course on a night that fit in around tasting. I thought to myself, “You have already paid for the software, you might as well learn how to use it… for FREE!” (Frugality won out!)

So take it I did, and I am loving it! The most common phrase that I say in class is “That is so cool!” The instructor is the best computer instructor I have ever had! The class is designed for people completely new to website design, and my abilities are above that. He takes the time to give me additional information and resources. He seems to truly appreciate how much I want to learn this. I didn’t even know how much I wanted to learn this until I took this class.

I am now doing the impossible again! It is so exciting! Learning rocks!

So when was the last time you did something for the first time?

6 thoughts on “Joy of the New”

  1. Well if getting a new I-pad for my birthday a couple weeks ago counts – then a couple weeks ago. I’m a PC user so the whole Apple thing was new to me – and frugally I took one of their free workshops – “getting started.” I was the youngest one in the class. Bravo for those out ahead of me! I loved it – such a cool thing. And I signed up for another freebie at the Apple store tomorrow morning – All About Apps. I play “draw something” on it with my daughter in LA and my son in Germany.
    I’m like you Tammy (no big surprise there) – i learn best with a live person. Manuals? No thanks. on-line tutorials? Ick. I take a lot of classes at Colorado Free University – everything from self-hypnosis to Reiki healing to WordPress and a Twitter and Google+ class.

    You’re spot on – learning does rock. Happy Dreamweaving to you!


  2. I never would have expected your class’s demographics! That is great that you are taking advantage of all the frugal learning opportunities!

    Colorado Free University sounds wonderful! I’d spend way too much time there!!!!


  3. Hey Tammy,

    Doing things for the first time makes us uncomfortable but that’s the only way to grow. Testing the water and stepping out of our comfort zone is the way to true personal power and a fulfilling life.
    “Don’t be afraid to fail” has changed my life.

    thanks for the share!



    1. Hi Akos,

      So glad you found my blog.

      Fear can be a factor, but it can also be a rush. For me, it is completely situational. When I accept the learning curve before I start (not assuming I’m going to be a natural at it), I enjoy watching the skill unfold before me … maybe with the occasional curse word as well!


  4. I am so the same learner you are. I even learned DW and don’t remember a lick of it, now that it’s 9 years later. But truthfully I don’t want to code or know anything about it. So, I stick to straight up design. 😉 Good for you, tho!


    1. I’m 4 months in and still can’t remember the basics! The program is so counter-intuitive. That being said, it is still easier for me than design! I’ll leave that up to you!


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