The Love of Now

After my 1980s love fest, and the praise for Little House on the Prairie, I felt the need to write about what I love about the current era. I feel so blessed to be living in this time. There are so many opportunities, resources, and cultural contributions (both high and pop) that haven’t been available in the past that I love and cherish.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am greatly appreciative of modern health care. I probably would have died from scarlet fever, I’d still be crippled by my torn meniscus, and without modern dentistry I might only have one tooth left.

Modern Medicine of the Past
Thank you, Photosbyflick, for use of this picture.

But it’s not all life or death … as important as that is! My first job in college was researching companies. I had to rely on the library having hard copies of annual reports, and praying that the magazines in the periodical index were available for me to access. I must admit that I enjoyed the scavenger hunt feel and the joy of finding useful information. I can now find all that information in a couple minutes, and so much more in thanks to the internet. Now that I am volunteering in development work again, I am so appreciate of the changes that not only speed up the process but allow for a higher quality product.

I must say that the convenience available to us is amazing. Not only is information at our fingertips, so is entertainment. Books, music, tv, and movies are all on demand. Anything we ever want to see or listen to (and things we’d never even thought of) is right there for us. It makes life so much easier.

As I write this (initially in longhand!), I must admit that I keep thinking back to those 1950s movies of the home of the future where all the time saving appliances create tons of leisure time. In fact, they increased the standard of clean to take up that extra time!


What do you appreciate most about living now? or What appliance would you most like to see in our world of tomorrow?

4 thoughts on “The Love of Now”

  1. You’d only have one tooth left? Too funny. Well, not really. What appliance would i most like to see? Hmmmm….. that’s a tough one. I’m not a real gadget person. I love my espresso maker and it takes a few different steps to create my caffiene delight in the morning…but I kind of enjoy the process, so I wouldn’t want to simplify that.

    I’d like something that makes it very comfortable to sit in bed and work on my lap top. After about an hour, my back is tight and I have to move. One day I’d love to sit in bed, roll around in bed, burrow under the covers in bed, ALL day long.


    1. A comfortable day in bed does sound luxurious! I remember the old late night ads for a bed that would change position depending upon whether the occupant wanted to sit up or have support under his/her knees. Something like that would be wonderful!


  2. Hey Tammy,

    The past will always hold a special place for me especially the 80’s and 90’s. It’s nostalgic for me. Funnily enough I’m actually listening to 90s music on Pandora as I’m writing this. I guess for me it’s a trip back into the past.

    But I’m much happier living today than back then. Since I’m an optimist, I generally think that life gets better as time goes on. Tomorrow will be better than today and the next day better than that one and so on. One thing I love about today is how much more technologically advanced we are. I can stream movies over the internet, listen to music and blog. It’s all good.


    1. I, too, like my trips back to the past. Like you, I enjoy the instant entertainment that technology can give us now, as well.

      What I like best, I think, is the ability to better appreciate past times, through both the activities and entertainment, both of which are now available to us with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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