Cyborgs Everywhere

I Human by John Nelson

Early last week on one of the sci-fi book groups I follow on Goodreads, there was an Android/Cyborg discussion. A brief summary for the uninitiated: Androids are completely mechanical, whereas cyborgs are human with bits of hardware. Okay, yes I do realize just how geeky the discussion was and how geeky it is that I'm sharing it.… Continue reading Cyborgs Everywhere

Failed Potential

The Irresistible Henry House

Two years ago I wrote a post about books that had great premises but didn’t deliver. I feel it is time for another edition of books that failed to live up to their true potential. Based on descriptions of these books on the inside of their front covers, I had expectations of what I wanted… Continue reading Failed Potential

Book Review Gone Awry

Part of the joy of returning to reading and joining PaperbackSwap is that I am actually paying attention to what books are out there. I read book reviews wherever I find them: NPR,  the PBS blog posts, LA Times, the business blogging and prepping communities. This has led to me being exposed to a wide… Continue reading Book Review Gone Awry