Slowly Crafting

A little over a year ago, I saw a blurb in Mother Earth News about creating a rag rug. When I followed through on the link, it was talking about using leftover woolen clothes to create durable floor mats. Well, this Southern California girl doesn't do wool: it's itchy, and more importantly it needs dry… Continue reading Slowly Crafting

Did You Celebrate?

Last year, DH2U’s mom sent us a card that pictured a cat wearing a hat. Unfortunately for Carmen, this reminded me of a gift my mom had given her several years ago. Well, “gift” isn't really the right word. If you ask Carmen, I’m sure something along the lines of “torture device” is more accurate. Well, since… Continue reading Did You Celebrate?

Carmen Takes Control

Well, Tammy had promised me that I would be the first guest post, but obviously she forgot that.  That being said, hello, I'm Carmen.   I started my writing career shortly after choosing Tammy to be my live in staff member. Whenever she goes out of town, I write a note to my substitute telling him/her what… Continue reading Carmen Takes Control