Carmen Takes Control

Well, Tammy had promised me that I would be the first guest post, but obviously she forgot that.  That being said, hello, I’m Carmen.

Carmen on Her Tower


I started my writing career shortly after choosing Tammy to be my live in staff member. Whenever she goes out of town, I write a note to my substitute telling him/her what is expected (petting, playing, food) and what should not be done (bedtimes, kicking me off the table). I think this is why she is letting me speak to you directly.

So far she’s done a good job of talking about me. Out of respect for my feelings, she hasn’t brought up my nemesis. I think it is only right that I set the stage for a new recurring character.

When DH2U moved in, he didn’t just bring his stuff. He brought HER … into MY house.

Lemon the cat
Meet Lemon the Cat

The live in staff members were afraid at first that I would injure the intruder. Their fear was justified: I did get a good blow in that left her bloody across this nose.

Things I dislike about Lemon:

  1. She is supermodel thin, and I am average cat curvy.
  2. She will lay on MY staff member’s lap. So what if I don’t want to be there; she should leave my property alone!
  3. Those freakishly large feet (she’s polydactyl like Hemingway cats) – everyone oohs and aws about extra toes. She’s being praised for being defective!
  4. and most important: She is in my house!

Okay she does have some good points. Once, when I got over zealous in scratching inside my ear, she licked the wound, and it cleared up right away. Well, so long as you don’t tell Tammy, I must admit that at times it is fun to play chase (so long as she follows my rules so I don’t have to hiss and growl at her).

Since I’m sure it will surface eventually, I wanted to be the one to share this photo that Tammy was planning to use to blackmail me. I’m definitely taking the David Letterman approach!

Carmen Blackmail Picture

Sometimes sleeping together just happens, right?

Well, I wanted to thank all of you for reading my post and for following Tammy’s blog. She is touched by the ever growing number of readers out there.

Who is your nemesis? or Is there a purpose of the internet other than for cat pictures and videos?

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