Carmen: A Love Story

A few weeks ago in my dream post, I brought up my cat, Carmen. She is by far the best cat I’ve ever had. Okay, I’ve only had two, and the other one was psycho, yet that does not detract from Carmen’s awesomeness. (Okay, I’ve been using that word way too much lately. You get it – I’m a child of the 80’s.)

When I first started out this blog, I alluded to my desire to occasionally re-post old MySpace blogs. This is the first time I’ve actually ended up doing that. I hope you enjoy the story of how Carmen became a part of my life.

This blog post was originally posted on Myspace, July 10, 2007.

Carmen the weekend I got her - cat on couch meowing

Well, after a 3 year hiatus from pet ownership, I took the plunge last Friday and adopted a cat from Animal Control.  It’s so hard to make a 10-15+ year commitment after having 5 minute interviews with different cats.  It reminded me a lot of speed dating:  I had my criteria (affectionate, outgoing, playful) and looks do matter. I ended up test driving a total of 7 cats and kept coming back to my girl.  She was much more adventurous than I thought I was capable of handling, but while she was exploring all the crevices of the meeting room, she wanted me to be petting her.  There was just something about that that sold me on her.

So when I went to pick her up  I brought with me one of those soft-sided pet carriers that you can carry onboard an airplane.  For whatever reason, the shelter insisted on putting her into one of those cardboard things.  I knew at the time I should stop and insist, but I just wanted to go home at this point, and I didn’t make a fuss.  I barely got the box seatbelted to the passenger seat when she started eating her way out! Thank goodness I only live 10 minutes away because by the time I got her home, there were 3 head-sized holes in the box!!!!!

I got her in my place, and I put the box on my bed and opened it.  She didn’t jump out.  She just sat there.  She had only wanted the OPTION of getting out.  Within a couple minutes though she was out and exploring.  I spent about an hour reading on the bed with her, and she calmed down and started to accept her new place.

Carmen is turning out to be the best cat I have ever had.  For starts, she’s not psycho – anyone who met Kiki will appreciate that difference!  She uses her litterbox and scratching post on a regular basis, and she wants to spend time with me.   She’s 2 years old and was found as a stray.  She’s obviously been a house cat before; Someone is definitely missing out on a really cool cat.  She’d even been adopted out of the shelter about 3 weeks before I got her, but she was returned within 48 hours.  Evidently the other family had a 2 year old, and Carmen did not appreciate being picked up by a toddler.  She scratched the kid.  I think I’d scratch a 2 year old trying to pick me up too.  I think that is just further proof for how smart she is.  Their loss is my gain.

I took Carmen to the vet yesterday.  She has kennel cough.  They gave her a shot of antibiotics and now I have to give her liquid medicine twice a day for the next week.  This morning, after I wrestled her to the ground and forced this bubblegum colored medicine down her throat, she came right up to me, pink mustache and all, and still let me pet her!

I’m a really lucky owner (or is it owned?).

6 thoughts on “Carmen: A Love Story”

  1. Cool post and story. Your girl sounds like a sweetie. Found your blog through your comment on blog design at “Patrick’s Place” blog. Great analogy of comparing this big decision to speed dating! Both my cats are from rescue organizations, and it’s funny how their little personalities (cat-alities?) have evolved from our first 5-minute meetings.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Richard. Nice to meet you! Patrick’s Place is a really cool blog: I’ve “met” many interesting people there.

      I love the concept of “cat-alities”! I might have to use that in the future!

      So you do mention your cats occasionally on your blog as well? (Rescued pets are the best!)


  2. Without a doubt – it’s owned! 🙂
    We like to think we own these little tinkers but they have us right round their little pinkies – or at least their equivalent of a pinkie!

    There was a cat in my garden who would come and spend the afternoon with me sitting by my chair as I read, chatting and waffling occasionally and only moving into the shade when it got too hot. She just decided I was her friend and I was happy to comply.


    1. You truly were adopted!

      A friend of mine has a neighborhood cat who allows her to use her backyard. The cat is even willing to allow my friend to sit on the garden furniture… assuming the cat gets the exact amount of attention it desires.


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