Beginning a New Adventure

After eight years in my condo, I am ready for my next great housing adventure: buying a home. To get to that end, DH2U and I have moved to temporary accommodations so we can get the condo ready for sale.

Time is definitely money when paying a mortgage and rent. I had planned to spend a month getting things ready on weekends. The commute from work was 90% of my reason for wanting to move, so doing work on weeknights wasn’t an option for sanity’s sake and time management. Driving for an hour to work for 1 1/2 to 2 hours made no sense to me.

The enormity of the tasks in front of me hit early, and I realized I was going to hand most of the prep work to professionals. As all of my coworkers from my automotive industry job can attest, I can’t clean without streaking. My condo has stainless steel appliances and a glass shower door. No way could I get those showplace ready. The pros have that skill.

Also, somehow I’ve been on this planet for 44 years and have never painted a wall. Since there is skill involved that I don’t have, I’m hiring people who do. The weight of the world started to lift when I made that decision.

My real estate agent, Steve Brooks, is beyond awesome.

Steve and Tammy

He helped me buy this place, and now he is coordinating all the work to be done. He also helped me move the last bits of the condo and cleaned some of the things that were beyond me – I didn’t know the screens came out!

Since I forgot all about the concept that people have physical and emotional limits, I had a minor melt down earlier this week. After spending Saturday and Sunday cleaning, I went back after work on Monday (yes, exactly what I said I wouldn’t do for sanity’s sake) and worked another three hours. Somewhere in there was my breaking point. The condo wasn’t as clean as I’d hoped. My vacuum had broken on Sunday, which led to an epic heaving of the unit into the dumpster the night before. I was using a substitute vacuum, and its sole remaining attachment stopped working. I couldn’t figure out how to get all the remaining stuff out of the condo since my car was full, and the cleaners were coming the following day.

Self-pitying sobs of pure frustration and overwhelm came fast and hard. I called DH2U. I’m surprised he could even understand me. Like always, he was wonderfully supportive. Finally I calmed down, I did the best I could last minute, and I went home.

Now the unit has been sparkled up and the carpets cleaned. Once the painters are hired and finish the job, onto the market it goes. I’ll feel so much better at that point. Thankfully I’m surrounded by wonderful people who are making this go smoother.

Anyone want to buy a condo?

1 thought on “Beginning a New Adventure”

  1. I came back to re-read this after I read the next one. I’m glad the purchase was a much better experience than the prep and sale of the condo. The highlight of the sale meeting a Lotto Winner to buy the condo turned out to be a low-light when he couldn’t get the patriarch of his family to release the funds! It turned out that a young couple happily purchased and moved in. Also your place might be featured someday in a still “secret” show on TV!


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