New Traveling Adventure

This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing two things I thoroughly enjoy: Hanging out in airports and visiting new cities. I had hours to walk around and explore airports. I read. I wrote blog posts. I started my next short story. It was the ultimate gift of time.

My trip was to attend the wedding of DH2U‘s dad’s cousin’s granddaughter (for simplicity’s sake, we referred to her as a cousin). I had never been to Milwaukee before and was excited to go some place new. Upon arrival, as I was walking towards baggage claim, I knew I wasn’t in California any more.

Cheese Head Display

DH2U, his mom, and I had the morning of the wedding free, so we spent our time at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It is a spectacular building, right on Lake Michigan.

Art Museum

It was my first time seeing a Great Lake, so it made it doubly spectacular. The artwork on display was varied and well curated. I let DH2U know which painting I wanted, you know, just in case.

Sunny #4 by Alex Katz

The wedding was beautiful and incredibly well planned out. We had welcome bags in our hotel room, and the toasts/speeches were in between courses at the reception so everything flowed smoothly.

I was surprised at the lack of the lack of color restrictions for the guests attire. Having two Southern grandmothers, I learned a lot of rules about season-appropriate colors … that I don’t follow. I wore black shoes to the wedding (a whole week before Labor Day!), and no one batted an eye. So many people were wearing black, or white, or red. It was liberating.

I’m so glad the three of us were able to get a picture taken of us all dressed up that we all liked.

All Dressed Up

I was so happy to have been invited and equally glad that I was able to go.

As I was relaxing at the airport waiting for my return flight home, I bought something that isn’t sold just anywhere.

Cheese Curds

I’m making cheese curds next weekend, so I was glad to be able to get an authentic sample to try. What a great ending to a fun trip.

What was your last “I’m not in Kansas any more” moment? Or Can anyone tell me exactly what relation the bride is to DH2U?

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