Outsmarting a Cat

In the past I’ve talked about Lemon and her crazy allergies. Not only does her poor tummy not tolerate any grains, and hence the homemade cat food, but she also has asthma and other allergies that affect her respiratory system. Here is Lemon at her last vet appointment.


We have been handling the stuffiness/coughing/ wheezing/sneezing by crushing up her meds and giving her the powder. Unlike a tablet, she can’t spit it out because it sticks to her tongue. Well, she figured out a solution to that: The last three times we gave her crushed pills, she’d barfed them right back up. Like within five minutes. Always on carpet, despite the fact that half our new house is tiled.

We tried giving her a pill. That was a waste of time and irritated the cat. We ended up with a spitty pill outside the cat after numerous attempts.

Out of desperation, we found something that works, at least until we are outsmarted again.

Lemon loves my homemade cheese. Since DH2U and I have it nearly every night for dessert with apple slices, Lemon has learned to sit nearby and act cute and I’ll give her some to lick off my finger. Well, after the pill incident, we put the remnants into a gooey mass of homemade cheese goodness, and she ate it!

The next night was less successful. She ate one little wad of cheese, but flat our refused the second offering. Fortunately, that half dose was enough, and she hasn’t been sneezy. Hopefully enough time will pass before she needs them again that she forgets.

Let’s hope she doesn’t learn to read or else all hope is lost!

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