Feeling the Burn

Every few years I get to where I cannot stand to be on gym equipment. Although I haven’t quite reached that level yet, I feel it coming on. Lately, to try to stave it off, I’ve been mixing things up by going back in time – to workout videos!

Okay, no, not to the Kathy Smith VCR tapes from back in the day, or my beloved Richard Simmons, but rather whatever workouts are available on Amazon Prime (shame on you Netflix and Hulu for no longer carrying any exercise classes on your streaming services!).

Lately I’ve been following along with Jenny Ford’s classes. How could I not considering this is one of her videos?


A subdued 80s vibe is right down my alley, although her other videos have up-to-date clothing choices, much to my chagrin.

I like the variety of doing different workouts, the possibility of different instructors, and the convenience of getting sweaty at home. The latter part, though, adds in an extra balance element as I try to avoid stepping on cats.

Although I’m not getting the same number of steps as my elliptical routine, I’m enjoying myself a heck of a lot more and working out more often. That sounds like an excellent trade off to me. Plus, this new habit should come in especially handy when I travel for business in a couple of weeks – I have the worse luck being able to get equipment time at hotel gyms.

What does everyone else do for their workout routines? Anyone else out there doing videos like me?


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