What a Difference a Year Makes

It has been a year since we adopted Moose and Squirrel.

kittens eating

How were they ever that small? Here is what they look like now:

cats eating

The boys are a combined 30 pounds of cat. Moose, very aptly names, weighs in at over 16 pounds.

We got so lucky with these guys. They are both loving lap cats and want all the attention we will give them. I need to remember that as they are in their challenging adolescent period and testing boundaries. But they are happy healthy boys.

Also, a year ago I finished up my first draft of novel #1. Last night I finished my final read through of the fourth draft of that book. It is as polished as I can get it, and I’m in love with it. This Thursday I will be participating in #PitMad on Twitter.


It is where authors can pitch agents their story in 280 characters or less. If an agent likes the tweet, it means that the author skips the normal slush pile of all the unsolicited query letters and goes into an express lane for reading the sample pages. Only three tweets are allowed during the pitching period, so I’m working on different variations to go out.

After #PitMad, I start querying agents on my own. I’ve got the first draft of that letter done. I figure I’ll only send out a few at a time. As I get rejections, which I know I will, I’ll send out more. That way each rejection is accompanied with new promise.

Once I start querying, edits for book #2 will start. I’m hoping to have that in the hands of my beta readers by the end of the month. That was an unrealistic time frame for book #1 edits, but I’m hoping I’m getting faster. We’ll see. Once that is at beta readers, I start book #3. I’m understanding the process much better the more times I go through it, and I like it. No, I love this writing life!

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