Drive Versus Fly

I was so glad I was able to make it out for my sister Rebecca’s graduation last month.

Rebecca Graduation

Shortly after I booked my plane tickets, many of my friends started questioning my decision to fly instead of drive. It is about 400 miles each way.

I did have a blast on my solo cross-country trip, but that doesn’t counter the fact that as a whole, I hate to drive. The trip to the graduation would have been at least six hours (I do drive like an old lady) each way. To me, since I had the money to fly, the drive wasn’t worth it.

As it was, I left my house at 5 pm and was at my hotel by 9 pm. That part was great. What was even better was that during that time I encountered a TSA agent with a sense of humor, I read 150 pages, and I caught up with my emails. I even managed to be on a not very full flight with no screaming babies.

Call me crazy, but I enjoy the time I spend in airports. There is something about the excitement of a trip or the looking forward to returning home. I also love the forced down time. In my life, I don’t often have a chance to be without multiple priorities beating down on me. At the airport all I have to do is listen for my flight to be called. I wrote blog posts. I finished one book and started another. It is a little bit of heaven.

The traveling wasn’t the only non-graduation related adventure of the trip. Saturday morning I was hearing a drip drip sound from somewhere in my hotel room. All the faucets were completely turned off. As I was checking the shower, I got dripped on. I looked up, wondering if the curtain road had gotten wet when I showered hours earlier. Then the dripping continued … on me. I looked up, and it was coming from the ceiling. Ewwww!

I went to the front desk and minutes later I was in the hotel’s only suite.

Hotel Suite

I’d heard earlier that they were completely full that night due to the graduation. I felt sorry for them having to scramble to get the room fixed. Fortunately, it wasn’t my problem to resolve. How nice that was for a change!

What would your choice have been: fly or drive? or Am I the only one who enjoys waiting in airports?

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