Novel News

Okay, readers, are you sitting down? I’ve got some news: I finished the first draft of my novel!

I’m so excited. My research trip definitely gave me the push that got me across the finish line. I was writing fiend. Scenes that were fighting me, begged me to write them.

It took a while to type in all the pages I’d handwritten, and then figuring out their order was another challenge. Here is what this draft’s organization looks like:

Novel Order

Each post it is a different scene, and the colors are significant. This exercise took more than three hours, with another couple hours to then put the scenes in order in a Word document. Thank goodness I now have a garage, since a kitten-free environment was essential for the process.

During my research trip, I finished listening to the audio book of Stephen King’s On Writing.

On Writing

It seemed so appropriate. One suggestion it offered was after the first draft is complete, put it in a drawer for six weeks. Fresh eyes make a lot of sense to me. But he added one more thing I hadn’t thought of: Start another project. Getting involved in something else allows the mind to quit thinking about the finished draft.

So I have started on another project. I really like this idea because it is helping to keep me in the writing habit, and I’m on a roll. I have it on my calendar when I can go back and begin the revisions.

I can’t wait to get back to these characters and to polish up their story (and do a major continuity check on my timeline – only I would be excited about that part!), but my current cast are really starting to take life. What a great encouragement it will be to stick to the revisions so I can get back to my new book.

Book writing, where have you been all my life?

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