Zero G

The last time I blogged about an Advanced Reader Copy book I’d received from a major publisher it was about Good Morning, Midnight. I thought I was excited then. That was nothing in comparison to this book review. Get ready for the ultimate in geek outs. Are you sitting down? Good, because my request for the latest book by … wait for it … William Shatner was approved!!!!!!

Zero G

Zero G (co-written by Jeff Rovin) is released tomorrow.

I seriously fan girl squealed when my request was approved for this book. I was sure that it would be rejected since he is such a big name, but the universe was looking out for me. I’d like to think they’d come to this blog and read my post about seeing his one-man show. Not likely, but possible.

With all this obsession going on, I was a little afraid that the book wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Oh ye of little faith!

The book was wonderful. The title references the occupation of the title character. Samuel Lord is an FBI man assigned to be the Deputy Director of the latest space station, hence he is a Zero G Man. The book is a wild ride with cyborgs, pan-gendered humans, science going horribly wrong, international intrigue, and the swashbuckling hero. There is action, suspense, and space, everything this science fiction nerd could ask for.

While I might have been reading into the novel, I took the fact that the vibrant main character is in his 80s and still a chick magnet as a nod to William Shatner/Captain Kirk. A little meta is a good thing.

I never thought I’d say this about a sci fi novel, but I used a technique from the book to increase my race walking speed. At one point in the story, Deputy Director Ford is advised to think of a trek he has to do as being downhill instead of up, regardless of what his eyes are telling him. It makes it easier for the character, and I found the hilly part of my last 5 mile workout to go much smoother when I told my brain I was walking downhill. It works with gravity and without!

I highly recommend this read. The story has a little bit of everything AND William Shatner. They had me at hello.

When was the last time you fan girled about something? Or Anyone else find a mental trick that defies logic but works nonetheless?

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