Sum of Experiences

With Superbowl Sunday being this weekend, it seems only appropriate that I have a post inspired by football, especially since I had a post to mark the beginning of the season.

Last fall, I saw an ad that has stuck with me. It was thousands of Tom Bradys (the controversial quarterback of the New England Patriots – for my readers who aren’t football fans) going through a work out, with the tag line of “You are the sum of all your training.”

(Me being me, I didn’t know it was for Under Armour until I looked for the video.)

When I watch football, especially the spectacular catches where the receivers manage to keep both their feet in bounds, I appreciate the skill involved. None of that happens by accident. These men have spent uncountable hours over the years perfecting that very skill.

As the collector of degrees/certificates that I don’t use, it is probably not a shock that I love the “sum of all experiences” idea. Sometimes I feel like the old Ginsu knife commercial when I talk about different skills I’ve picked up over the years:

selective focus photo of person slicing vegetable on chopping board
Photo by Vlad Chețan on

“But wait, there’s more.”

“Oh, didn’t I mention my copyediting class, or that I’m a notary, or my massage school, or my CERT training or … or … or….”

I view all my respective trainings as adventures. Some paths have been more fun than others. What I love is when the paths cross unexpectedly, and when I notice it at the time. Who would have guessed how much overlap there is between race walking and ballroom dancing?

What was the last skill you learned that was made easier based on the sum of your previous experiences? Or Am I the only one that can’t remember what brand commercials are for?

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