Forward and Back

The end of the year is such a good time to think about where I’ve been and where I’m going.

New Year's Eve

For me, there is nothing like a deadline to get things done. I’ve read a lot of books this month to boost my annual total even higher, and even though I’ve been working at a new job and travelling, I’ve kept my steps up.

Although I pride myself at being a do-er, I have so many projects half started. Remember that rag rug from years ago? Still not finished. I did uncoil it and start over, but I’m still a ways from finishing it, especially since it is currently in a box. This is why self-paced courses don’t work for me – unless it is studying for a test with a specific date. I’m so glad we had weekly quizzes in my grammar class – it made me keep up with the work.

Things I have managed to accomplish this year:

Reading: Yes, I am still a reader. I read 33 books and listened to 29 audio books. My goal for the year was a minimum of 26 and 14. I’d wanted to read more non-fiction, and 24% of my selections fell in that category. Yippee for me!

Walking: My goal was 3,650,000 steps. With today left to go, I have 5,419,362. Holy cow, that’s an average of 14,888 a day! Once again, yippee for me.

For 2016  I have three main goals:

My reading and walking goals remain the same. If I accomplish those numbers I will be happy. I hope I do more, but I could live with those numbers.

In addition to those I have one more goal: Work. I need a good job, one that challenges me but doesn’t stress me out, and one that allows me to plan. I know it sounds general, but those really are my criteria. The universe is good about keeping me employed. The happily part is up to me.

What are your goals for 2016? Or Were you able to accomplish what you’d hope for this year?

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