Goals Met

Last year this time I was proudly reporting that I had already completed my reading challenge for the year. That feat is definitely not repeating itself this year. After my slow start, I am now one book ahead of schedule, but nowhere near the reading fest I had last year. And I’m okay with that.

That is not to say that all my goals for the year are going as scheduled: I’m already done with my steps goal for the year! My goal was 3,650,000 steps, or 10,000 steps a day. So far year to date to I have walked 3,791,924 steps, AND I have three months left to go! That means I have averaged a hair over 14,000 steps a day every day this year. It feels good. I recently reached my Sahara badge: I’ve walked more than 3,000 miles since I got my FitBit a year and a half ago.

Sahara Badge

I must admit, though, that I’m starting to get a bit obsessed with the steps. At the office, everyone knows that if the receptionist isn’t there, I respond to the front door. Anyone trying to steal my steps have to face the wrath of Tammy. After our work trip to the Races, I now hear “And she’s off” whenever the bell rings. I’ve also had to occasionally say enough is enough at home so I don’t end up pacing all evening long. 15,000 steps a day is enough!

With my next race coming up in November, I’m glad that I’m still so eager to keep up my walking. Now is the time that longer workouts and some speed work will help get me closer to my dream race walking speed. I can’t wait to see how all that training affects my total step number for the year.

How are you doing with your goals for this year? or Does anyone else get obsessed with a goal and have to put the brakes on for their own good?

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