First Joint Purchase

Five years ago this weekend, DH2U moved in with me. This is a wonderful milestone for us.

Only a couple of months ago we had another milestone: our first joint purchase. I was shocked when I realized that up to that point it had been one of us or the other who had paid for the rest of our newly acquired things.

DH2U has been excellent at creating many of our kitchen gadgets. Our Crockpot also serving as both a sous vide machine and a yogurt maker is just one tasty example. Some things, though, it’s best to buy the real thing, hence our purchase: A KitchenAid mixer!

KitchenAid Mixer

DH2U’s go-to meal is souffle, so he was the first to try out the purchase. It raised more than twice as high than usual!

Souffle with mixer

I have now used it for both fluff and tamales. The fluff was not very successful. I’m not sure why, but it didn’t turn out as well as it did with the hand mixer. I think part of it might be that the mixer blade doesn’t quite touch the bottom, leaving part of the whites un-whipped. Note to self: Fluff still makes a mess even with the deeper mixing bowl. Well, live and learn.

The tamales, on the other hand, were fabulous: The dough came together so much faster, and my poor 20+ year-old hand mixer really wasn’t up to the task of that thick mix job. Also, the joy of being able to do something else while the dough is being mixed is not to be undervalued!

This has been such a wonderful five years and a great joint purchase. I love you, DH2U.

2 thoughts on “First Joint Purchase”

  1. I was worried at first- I thought you bought a house!! SO happy to keep reading and see it was a mixer!
    Kathy loves her kitchen aid. It helped make a huge batch of tamales not too long ago. We’ve also enjoyed our vitamix which is a powerful blender for all kinds of concoctions. Costco demos several cheaper versions of high speed blenders but mine has been great for 25 years!


    1. Baby steps, Steve! You know you will be the first person we call when we get to the buying a house stage.

      I’m so glad that you and Kathy are getting so much use out of both the mixer and the juicer. I might have to invite myself over to try it for myself!


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