Growing up I assumed that how things worked in my family is how every family worked. I had no other frame of reference. As I ventured out in the world, I started to learn how very different families could operate.

In my case, both Ma and Barb are the big football fans in the home. Don’t all women get really excited over big plays? That has caused a great deal of culture shock over the years.

I was in high school when Ma taught me how to influence the game. It wasn’t eating a special food or leaving the room before an important play like in the Bud Light ads. This trick works when the opposing team is about to try for a tying or winning field goal. Timing is everything with this: Wait until after the ball is snapped and just before the kicker’s foot touches it, and just when Lucy would have yanked the ball away from Charlie Brown, yell “Gooberlocks!”

Field Goal Kicking

This picture is of the exact moment to yell “Gooberlocks.” I am amazed at how often it worked!

It had been years since I’d used that strategy to help my team. At the end of last season there was a moment that looked really bad, so I yelled it out. The kicker missed! I was so excited that I immediately texted Ma.

“Gooberlocks still works!”

“Of course it does.”

I was elated. Now that we’ve had the start of the football season (on my birthday no less), I’m so glad I have this secret weapon when the going gets tough. I promise not to abuse my newly re-found power.

Is yours a family of football fans? or What is your secret weapon that helps bring your team to victory?

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