Adventure Girl Returns

I’ve been feeling like I am stuck in a rut for a while, and allowing my spare time to be wasted. Time is simply too valuable for me to have that continue. Last week I dusted off my Adventure Girl cape and tried something new.

For the longest time, I have been toying with the idea of trying some fiction writing. I’ve even done two different samples on this blog, not including my row story redemption. It was actually the latter post that really got me excited about building scenes.

Something clicked in my brain, and I explored different writing MeetUp groups in my area.

Meet Up

Since I don’t currently have anything to share (yet!) for a feedback group, I found one that seemed more my speed – this one was designed for everyone to meet at a common location and work independently on a writing project. To me, that sounded great: a dedicated hour to write surrounded by others doing the same thing.

The group in my area meets on Friday night, which was negative for me. It also meant finding a way to kill the two and a half hours between leaving work and the meetup starting. The meeting location was a Starbucks, and despite the description sent in the confirmation email, there was nothing there to indicate if the people at the table were with the group. No one talked to one another at all, even in the 15 minutes before the start time.

The time came, and I started to write. I loved that the guy across from me also wrote things long hand. Having that dedicated hour was awesome. I loved writing, having ideas flow out, exploring different options.

If it were a different night of the week, I’d try the group again. Instead, I am going to carve out a more convenient hour each week dedicated to writing. I want to explore more of this side of me.

What was the last new group that you tried out? or Has anyone been successful in carving out “me” time during the week?

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