Mental Health Day

I took Monday off … because I could. It was a mental health day. I first heard that term in high school from my AP English teacher. She granted us each one a semester. I gladly took mine, and Ma was more than willing to sign off on that. Considering I never ditched a day in my life, these pre-planned, never on a test day breaks were something she would gladly support.

Having the luxury of a day to myself is one I have always cherished. Sometimes we all need to step away from our responsibilities for a while.


I had plans for my day off. I was going to take a long race walk and then do some canning. A perfect Tammy day. The weather laughed at my plans. It was already too hot to walk at 7 am when I planned to leave. That also nixed the canning since having a huge vat of water boiling on the stove for a couple hours was not going to assist in my keeping cool efforts.

In the past this required change would have tainted my entire day. Instead, I viewed it as nature’s permission slip for a complete goof off day. What did I end up doing? Nothing! Well, I did reorganize the freezer (a cooling activity!) and made up a batch of mild curry powder, but that all falls within my definition of a goofing off, lazy day.

I really needed it. I feel so much more rested and even more excited to be back at work.

Is anyone else a fellow participant of mental health days? or What atypical goof off activities do you enjoy?

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