Day at the Races

Yesterday was such an unusual and fun work experience. As a reward for a job well done, our entire office was treated to an afternoon at the races.

I loved going to the Del Mar race track during summer vacation when I was a kid. I have some very fond memories of going there with Ma and Tom growing up. We would sit on the grass in the infield, and those were lovely days.

I’m no longer able to handle being in the sun for an extended period: my pale skin will burn even when slathered in 100 sunblock. When I saw the pictures of our celebration location, I was a bit scared.

Stretch Run Grill

I coated myself well in sun screen in the parking lot. I was tickled pale when I arrived in our section and saw this.

Shady Race Track Seating

Look at all that shade! There was much rejoicing. What a great omen to the rest of the day, and what a fun afternoon it turned out to be.

Growing up, I loved picking which horses I thought would win. I learned quickly, though, that the best way to ensure I would walk away with something was to bet the horse I liked to show. That way whether they came in first, second or third I was a winner. Sure, I would have won more money if I bet to win, but then my horse would have to win. I was content with the top three.

Yesterday, I bet one race. There was only one horse whose name called out to me saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” My horse: Anythings Cookin’.

Place Your Bet

As you can see, I bet to show. I even put $5 on that horse, the most I’ve ever bet on a single race in my entire life.

I was all excited when my horse came out and started its way to the gate. I’d been telling all my coworkers that I went all in on that race. It was the longest distanced race of the day. My horse came out of the gates in first position and it stayed there all the way until the final straight away. Then I saw it starting to slip back a little in the pack. If only it had learned about pacing! As everyone around me is yelling at their horses to win, I’m yelling, “Hang in there!”

My horse came in fourth. So close!

It was still the most exciting of the races for me, thanks to having such extensive skin the game.

This is hands down the best company I’ve ever worked for. They value their employees, and more importantly, they let us know.

What is the best company you’ve ever worked for? or Win, Place, or Show: How do you bet?

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