Last month I was prompted to change my password. I did and was given the following error message: There must be an upper and lower case letter in the password.

There was!!!!! I tried it again, typing deliberately and possibly pounding the keys with each stroke. The same message appeared. My arms shot up in the air a quick, spastic flail. My co-worker who sits across from me said, “You look like a frustrated Muppet.”

Kermit Muppet Arms

I laughed, which was just what I needed at that time.

That same coworker is filled to brim with energy. He bounces up and down all day. It’s a slow, rhythmic bob in his seat, which I can witness over my monitor. One day our boss, who sits next to us, commented, “He bounces like a Muppet walking.”

It is so true! That was the perfect description. All of us who sit in the vicinity know that if he loses his Muppet bounce, he is having a bad day.

Since then we’ve added to our work Muppet vocabulary: There are happy Muppet arms all around when difficult issues get resolved.

We were all raised with these wonderful furry creatures. They are a part of us. There was much rejoicing when we heard of the return of the Muppet Show.

Holy cow it looks good! Fingers crossed it lives up to our memories.

Does anyone else do Muppet arms (either frustrated or happy varieties count)? or Predictions on whether the new show will live up to the classic series?

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